Your aching fingers draw across my cheeks,

and I glance into your dark shells,

and watch them dart side to side.

Matching my wavelength,

we glow a pleasant gold,

and we knit together automatically.

Your regrets,

I forgive,


And I hold you in my arms,

and whisper a golden song into your hair,

to swell into your golden dreams.

And watch you fall into a forever lasting fantasy.



A Wise Move

I see you amongst the trees,

snickering your little joke.

Your followers laugh in between your heaves,

and I feel bad for you.

Yet your destined to feel bad for me,

but why?

I am just fine the way I am,

but your know-it-all smirk shows it all.

And I still feel bad for you,

and just wait for you to finish.

Meanwhile, a smile pours across my plastic face,

as I enjoy my own little joke.

The stars are calling for peace,

but I’m not that type of girl.

Only fools line up for the worst,

excuses spit out of their mouths.

Complaints attack my patience,

as my hand reach over their nosy mouths,

and squeeze hard.

And that does me justice.


I’ve been burned plenty, for you,

and no one sent me.

No one ordered me to do so, there was never a prize to stand with you.

To dance with you, to wonder about you.

And I didn’t think of the sting, the blisters, the scars.

All I had to do was breath on your shoulder, never too a far.

And I know the actual punishment once again,

a silent reminder.

To not stand too close,

too long,

or I will be the mistake.

The black ash you’ll  brush off your shoulder,

so better yet,

hold me within arm’s length.


In the belly of the beast,

I’ve survived many times,

but barely, it was never an easy job at the least.

And this time, it’s different,

as I stumble my way through the throbbing flesh,

and the mistakes hang on me like slimy  muck.

I’m on the tail,

I will not stand around trying to be so self-righteous,

when I’m not perfect.

You’re not prefect,

and for starters, if you try to be, that’s a flaw too.

And all this time, memories are chained around my neck,

and I forget the rest,

that’s my strength.

What’s yours?

Piece of Cake

Would you like a metal?

You’ve made me into such a big fool.

You  should grasp the bike’s pedals,

get ready for the breeze.

You’re eyes scan the riddle,

what does she mean?

Is this about me?

You try to think of what to say,

a smart comment I hope.

To get me to think,

to help me see through your unresting eyes.

Worthless effort.

Which you can use later, and complain about,

to all you’re trustworthy friends.

Trustworthy life.

I’m so fucking jealous, I could cry.

But I wont. Ever. Notice the sarcasm?

What do you want me to do?

Act fake with everyone just like you?

Naw, it’s not my flavor of tea anymore.

Because I know the real you, and it was all a lie.

Why bother?

And I know, you’re getting tired too.


A Letter from the Swan


I don’t live for you. I don’t float upon this earth, to listen to this shit. I have my own purpose, I’m not your reason.

I’m NOT your excuse, we are not related. We’re done, we’re not part of the same book. We’re not part of the same line,

I’m on a different paper. And I don’t care where I’ll lead. I don’t care what happens, just as long as you’re not smeared on it.

So don’t bother with the tears.

It’s time for myself, me, and I.

I will fold myself out to show, into something beautiful.

And I’ll show you of how a god damn swan I’ll be, so get lost.

You fucking duck.

The Impact.

The mist of a kiss against my cheek,

the dull clouds in your eyes.

The sink of your footsteps towards me,

one inch deep.

Do you remember me?

I have painted my goodbye,

many years ago.

In that time, I’ve noticed many tweaks about you,

of how you can never pour that bottle.

It’s part of your soul.

Your yet to pay for the toll,

and you’re up next in line.

Get your fucking coins out, and pay attention.

Get your fucking sense out, and pay for the cost.